m WE ARE THE m ACROSS We are a strategy, branding and creative agency.
We uncover what makes a brand unique.
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m TOP OF THE GAME Our proven branding methods take the guesswork out of
marketing and provides confidence for brand differentiation.
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No 'off the shelf' strategies at BrandWhizz. All of our branding campaigns are bespoke and geared towards results.


We define stories and start conversations. We inject life into your marketing strategy. It could be just the thing your brand needs.


We’re a passionate and dedicated team which shines through in our projects and results. Give us a go and see the results for yourself.


Our branding, marketing and creative thinking has launched and refreshed local, national and international brands. We go where you need us to go.

At BrandWhizz we focus on making sure our clients get the best results as the given experience they acquire, by balancing their reputation and brand awareness which are both important for our company.

Not afraid of hard work, BrandWhizz has gone from strength to strength, generating results through smart marketing strategies. Continual commitment and dedication has led to a high demand in the market for our expertise.  

We make sure that the work ethic, student mentality and attitude that we develop individuals with are portrayed in their ultimate goal. We also establish which marketing alternative to use when it comes to being specific with the campaign’s needs.

I think we all agree that brand awareness goes hand-in-hand with brand reputation. Protecting our client base is a major key indicator and influence on today’s consumer buying behavior. With the majority of companies streamlining their products/services our experience professionals aim to improve our consumer base by representing our clients better than they can.



BrandWhizz are keen to help their clients build their relationships with customers. In business, success is about more than just attracting new customers, but about cultivating ongoing relationships with them. It is a well known adage that it is always easier to sell to existing customers than to win new ones, so brand loyalty is one of the best assets a company can have.


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